Wedding Day Suggestions

This section is to provide our newly wedding couple suggestions on your preparation for your actual wedding day.

We strongly recommend you to read this section for a better preparation.

Your willingness to read this will definitely help you to better plan your wedding. 🙂

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Before Actual Day

  1. Speak with your make up artist about the hair style or make up that you would like to have if you have any idea.
  2. 1 week before the wedding, apply facial mask every night for smoother skin.
  3. Do not take on any spicy foods that might cause acne.
  4. Provide us the plan or schedule for the morning ceremony and the wedding reception in order for us to plan from our end too.
  5. It is good to provide us your wedding gown and high heel to allow us to have time to come out with idea on how to do the shoot on that day.
  6. Inform us if you have certain people or things that you like or do not like us to photograph.
  7. Do inform us if you have friends that are going to photograph on that day and remember to inform them to not disturb or affect us when we are photographing.
  8. If the morning ceremony is going to be held at your house, plan ahead the place for tea ceremony to avoid confusion.
  9. If the morning ceremony is going to be held in a hotel, make sure to tidy up the place and make it clean. The photo taken will be cleaner as well.
  10. Take good rest and stay happy to welcome the actual day.

During The Actual Day (Morning Ceremony)

  1. Sometime due to the tense and nervousness that causes couple to ignore their guests like they are stranger to them including those people like relatives and close friends. In fact, like usual, couple should just stay calm and be yourself, your guests are there to bless your wedding, try not to be tensed because of the pace on that day and affect your mood, stay happy can help to take very good photo.
  2. Slow down the speed when wearing rings or necklace, not in super slow motion but just enough for the photographer to take the shot and no need to look at the camera.
  3. Arrange a person to gather your family or friends for taking group photo. Photographer is not the ideal person to be calling or shouting to gather your guests because it lacks of courtesy.
  4. If you do feel of wanting to cry or laugh, just do it. Tell and thanks your parents and do not keep it to yourself because you might not have the second chance to tell anymore on this special occasion. Just be yourself.
  5. If you have relatives or friends that would like me to help them to take photo, i will not reject except that if I’m not free because of taking photo for the couple. The couple with be my main subject of that day.
  6. Some of the make up artist tends to twist around bride in order to take photo with the bride for their portfolio, which it will directly affect us as a photographer. Please inform your make up artist to not doing the same, otherwise the couple will have to bear the consequences themselves for the final photo.
  7. When walking to the bridal car with groom holding bride’s hand, walk slowly and not to rush. This will help in taking better photograph, same applies to when both are in the bridal car. Look out at the window to the camera and smile or laugh without hesitating. 🙂

During The Actual Day (Wedding Reception)

  1. Using the smoke effect during march in is to enhance the feel of the scene when the wedding couple march in. When looking at the final photo, you will notice that smoke will present at everywhere besides those from the floor, it is almost impossible to remove in Photoshop so it is up to the couple to whether or not to use the smoke effect.
  2. During the march in, if you need someone to help you to hold the train of your wedding gown, then get someone from your family or friends, not someone that works in the restaurant or hotel. For the best result is to not have anyone to help. 😛
  3. Stay calm and relax during the march in. Do not look at the floor and smile to enjoy the blessing from your guests. Walk slowly and do not rush to strive for best result.
  4. Make sure no lighting that reflect on the decoration beside the red carpet, because it will causes unwanted shadow on the couple face.
  5. If the decoration on the main table is too massive, it will blocks us from photographing the wedding couple. Remember that you and your family are the main subject, and not the decoration of the table.
  6. Recommend to not use very colorful lighting or spotlight, dim all the light and use white spotlight will have the best result. Unless you want your wedding reception to look like being held in a night club or disco, otherwise do not use too much of colorful lighting.
  7. Communicate with your emcee if you have hired one, that try not to stand too close to both of you when standing on the stage. This is to avoid the emcee to be taken in the shot, because both of you will be the leading subject and not the emcee.
  8. If you have plan to play childhood, pre-wedding or morning slideshow video, do communicate with your hotel or restaurant in charge person on when to play them. This is to avoid waiters from serving the food during the slideshow video being play. The best time to play those video is before the march in, and remember to dim the light when playing them. Avoid repeating the slideshow or video again and again.
  9. We recommend couple to arrange more activities during the wedding reception, it will help to boost the number of photographs taken in the end. If the whole reception is only sit, eat and clap, the final photo is not going to be pleasing.
  10. We do not take photo of people eating as this is sort of disturbing of others. If you would like to have everyone in the final photo, invite them to take group photo at the end of the reception.
  11. Remember to inform the in charge person to not serve any food during toasting. And not to point any colorful lights on the stage unless you want to looks like a colorful wedding couple.
  12. When it is close to ending, invite your parents together to appreciate the guests for attending your wedding if you would like them to be in the photograph also.
  13. We do not help the guests to take photo with their camera or phone. Reason being is because we might not be familiar with all the camera or phone. Secondly, we do not want our photographing job to get affected. Our main objective is to capture all the moments with our own camera.