DIY Pre-Wedding

Pre-Wedding photoshoot is a very common tradition among the Asian. The photoshoot usually can be done when couples signup for the packages offered by the bridal shops, alternatively, they can also gather resources from various feeds to complete the whole photoshoot which is called the DIY Pre-Wedding.

DIY Pre-Wedding unlike the common pre-wedding where we can normally see in traditional bridal shop. Certain items, say for examples, wedding gowns, photographers, make-up artists and even places to photograph which normally have already been arranged specifically for that package based on the package price. Unfortunately, if some of the items are not arranged according to your liking, you will either not be able to customize it or you would require to pay more in order to customize it.

Whereas, DIY Pre-Wedding starts from scratch, it is your call’s where you can decide what or who you really want for each of the items. The benefit of it is to allow you to choose wedding gowns that you would like to rent or buy from, photographers you would like to engage other than the one included in the package and maybe to hire make-up artist from other countries.

Besides, you are also not restricted to choose the desired places you would like to photograph or places that have a lot more meaningful memories to you. When everything else are in-placed and with a proper working plan, you will have your own customized Pre-Wedding “package”.

Generally, it is an extra option to you for creating your only Pre-Wedding style. At Jeto Photography, we would love to work together with you based on your idea and creativity or we will create it for you.

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  1. Local or Overseas
  2. No time limit on per day photoshoot.
  3. Charges will be calculated on per day basis.
  4. Transportation + Accommodation will be covered by client.
  5. 200 photos will be return in adjusted JPEGs.
  6. All raw files will be return.

To Note

  1. Work out a plan before the actual photoshoot, we emphasize on quality over quantity.
  2. Stay in touch with phone for enquiry, we will meet you to discuss further until nearer to the date.
  3. This is intended for couples who are more likely to have their own ideas, knowing what they want, otherwise, bridal shops are better candidate.