DIY Pre-Wedding Suggestions

This section is to give you some suggestions and to provide some information for photographing your DIY Pre-Wedding.

We strongly recommend you to bear some of your time to read this section before going for your DIY Pre-Wedding.

Your willingness to read this will have you to achieve a better result. 🙂

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Before Starting Preparation

  1. Have fun preparing your wedding, regardless of what type of problem you might face, resolve it.
  2. Spend wisely, within your comfortable budget, choose your favorite photographer, make-up artist, wedding gown and not missing out your favorite because you have spent on something else that isn’t necessary.
  3. Do not argue because of either one have no time to participate in the preparation. Give more courage to your partner.
  4. Since you have decided to go for a DIY pre-wedding where you would expect the final photo to be different from others, therefore you will have to put in extra effort to believe that it’s going to pay off eventually.
  5. Stay in touch with make-up artist or photographer to highlight your ideas and have discussion with them.
  6. Do not compare with others, it doesn’t matter how expensive is the wedding gown, or how cool is the places the others going to photograph. You just have to get the one that is going to fit you the best.

During Preparation

  1. Conduct some research online, glance through other photographer’s photo, find the one that is your favorite, decide the style you want, work together with photographer and make-up artist to achieve the best result.
  2. Note down ideas that came into your mind, summarize it and discuss with us.
  3. White wedding gowns are the common choices among bridals, fortunately, DIY pre-wedding does not have this restriction. Hence, it is your call to decide the color theme that you like the most.
  4. Places to photograph can be places where the two of you first met, the school both of you went to, or places that bring the most memories are some very cool idea too.
  5. If you are struggling to find the style you preferred the most, come and discuss with us. We will make suggestion.
  6. If you are those who barely take selfie or taking picture and might have difficulty to control expression, you should practice in front of a mirror. Finding the best angle and smile naturally without over faking it.
  7. As you should already be aware that this is all DIY (free style) pre-wedding photoshoot, hence you will have to work out a good plan for everything to go smoothly. And we will ensure things to work out as planned.

A Week before Actual Shooting

  1. Check and make sure you have your wedding gown, the size has been altered to fit you perfectly.
  2. Make sure your accessories (Tie, Hat etc) for the photoshoot are properly packed without damaging it.
  3. Check against your checklist if items for your personal care are brought along (sun glasses, sunblock, medicines etc).
  4. If you rented a car during the trip, confirm again with the provider for the time and place to collect when you arrive at the place.
  5. Avoid plastic surgery and intensive massages that might leave scars. Natural beauty is your best shot.
  6. If you decided to use contact lenses and have never use it before the photoshoot, remember to get use to it before the photoshoot.
  7. Remember to groom or shave your facial hair, armpit hair, nose hair, cut and clean your finger nail before the photoshoot.
  8. Do not eat any spicy or oily foods to prevent acne.
  9. Remember to wear a short for bride in case there are beautiful but tricky poses. 😀
  10. Bring a pair of flats to change when moving location, only change to high heel when doing the shoot.
  11. If you have colored your hair, remember to check if there are any newly grown hair that show difference in color, if yes, do remember to color it in order to even the color.
  12. Have a good rest and sleep well, alarm is essential for not delaying the photoshoot.

During The Photoshoot

  1. Remember to be punctual.
  2. If the weather is bad on the day of shooting, you can choose to change to another day for the shoot. We do not enforce you to take picture on a bad weather unless you have a backup plan in case of bad weather.
  3. Do not let any negative emotion affect your shooting on that day, stay cool and think about the joy, your facial expression is important for us to take good pictures.
  4. Highlight to us if you have any difficulty or uncomfortable on that day.
  5. If you have difficulty finding the poses during the photoshoot, remember to let us know and we will work it out together.
  6. If you could not understand instruction from us, do not feel shame or shy to let us know.
  7. Remember to take note when is the sunset of that day, keep your plan under control in order to complete the day shoot before the sky turn dark.
  8. Your eye’s emotion is crucial for presenting your best facial expression.
  9. Public will be focusing on you during the shoot, ignore them and stay focus. Imagine them as your audience. 🙂
  10. Keep and take good care of your belongings.
  11. Be careful for the waste on the ground if you are on barefoot.

After The Photoshoot

  1. Wash away the gel, cream and spray with shampoo conditioner follow by shampoo.
  2. Return all the rented items to the owner accordingly.
  3. We do understand you are thrill to look at the final photo, but do allow us some time and space to tune it for best result.
  4. Remember to pay us the remaining balance if we have forgotten. 😛